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Tips for Using QuickTime VR


You must have the Quicktime plug-into see the skatepark VR tours!

What is QuickTime VR?

  • A special QuickTime movie that simulates being in a place
  • Quicktime shows a panormic photo of the place in the same way you would see it if you were standing on a spot and turning your head to see around you (perfect for seeing skateparks!)
  • Locations can be linked together so you can simulate moving from place to place - like around a skatepark!


  • Click & drag your mouse to turn on a spot or to look up and down
  • The cursor turns to an arrow when you pass over a "hot spot" link - a link to another spot.
  • Click on the hot spot to move to the area you clicked on.


  • The SHIFT key (or the + button) zooms in
  • The CONTROL key (or - button) zooms out

Show Hot spots

If you want help finding the "hot spots" click on the ? button and they will be visible




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