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Bowl skaterYOU Can Add Your Skatepark To Skateparktour! wants to become the most complete skatepark directory in Canada but it is just too hard to get to all of the skateparks to take photos so your help is needed.

Just Take A Few Photos Of The Park

To get your local skatepark (or others that you visit) added, please email some photos and local information and the skatepark will be added!


  • Size: 600 x 400 pixels or bigger, landscape view (wide not tall)
  • Resolution: 72 Ppi or greater
  • Format: any commo format ( .jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif, .psd, .tif, .pict . . . )
  • Number: 3-10 photos showing, views of the whole skatepark, closeups of the best obstacles and features, views of some of the best lines
  • No people (if possible, or the least possible) Any faces appearing in photos wil be blurred out

ZModular skatepark
Other Information needed:

  • Exact park location
  • Nearby restaurants, conveniene stores, & gas stations as well as public building for washrooms and shelter from weather
  • Availablility of parking
  • Description of skatepark and as much detail as you want
  • Name of local board shop

Submit your Skatepark(s):

  • Please email the photos and information, or your questions, to
  • If you prefer a dropbox folder can be provided for you to put the photos in.
  • If you want, credit can be given on the website for your submitting the photos - or your name won't be published. 100% your choice!


  • It doesn't have to be a big concrete skatepark to be added, all skateparks are needed here!
  • If you want to add a skatepark but find this at all confusing, email to ask for assistance so your skatepark can be added.


Help Make THE most complete
Canadian Skatepark Directory

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